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hugo barros
On pourrait croire que les collages d’Hugo Barros sont de simples montages réalisés à l’ordinateur. Il n’en est rien, tout est fait main et résolument rétro. Le monde ainsi créé est légèrement angoissant… Entre terre et espace, la réalité s’efface et on entre dans cet univers étrange et fantastique.


IMAGE || hugo barros collages

I have fallen head over heals in love with the work of Lisbon-based collage artist Hugo Barros.  Taken at face value, I think they are beautiful, interesting, evocative, sometimes humorous and whimsical, sometimes apocalyptic and eerie.  But I’d say these images cannot just be taken at face value.  They strongly invoke the tradition of 1960s and ’70s architecture firms that used collage to generate theoretical architecture of the future (i.e. Superstudio), which themselves were heavily indebted to the super fabulous turn of the century artists imbedded in Dada, Cubism, Constructivism, &c.   Many of them also seem to evoke a sense of Stanley Kubrick’s oeuvre (namely 2001), which is even more awesome.  I’ve spent several hrs over the past few days going through his Tumblr and online store, through which you can get prints, Ts, and bags of a huge selection of his pieces.   Here I’ve posted just a few dozen of my favorite pieces, which is only a small sliver of his portfolio.  Kudos to Barros, who makes my day!  Enjoy.